5 Reasons to Hire a Skype Spanish Teacher

Eugenio González

by Eugenio González

Skype Spanish teacher and Spanish student

If you are considering taking Spanish lessons, you should absolutely hire a Skype Spanish teacher. We’ll lay out all the reasons why we think it’s a good idea and some fun ways you can even visit your teacher for some Spanish immersion abroad!

1. Hiring a Skype Spanish teacher is more affordable

Taking Spanish lessons near you can be expensive. Especially in cities, each lesson can be over 30 dollars, and that adds up quickly, even if you take lessons just once a week. 

When you have a Skype Spanish teacher however, you can save a lot of money. You can hire a Skype Spanish teacher for about 10 to 20 dollars per hour of lesson. And when you take some group Spanish lessons, it can even come out under 10 dollars a lesson. 

The reason why it’s cheaper is that many Spanish schools abroad also offer online lessons via Skype. And since Latin America is cheaper overall, they can offer Spanish lessons online for much less than what it would cost in your area.

2. Online Spanish lessons via Skype help you become fluent

One of the most important things you can do when learning Spanish is to practice frequently. With language learning, it’s all about practicing the material you are learning. That’s how eventually it becomes natural to switch from present tense to past tense, and engage in regular conversations.

With online Spanish lessons via Skype, you can practice much more easily and more frequently. Your Skype Spanish teacher is a native speaker and since the lessons are more affordable, you can practice more hours a week than going to lessons in your city. 

You become fluent when you expand your knowledge of Spanish and when you practice. Spanish lessons via Skype do just that by making it easier for you to learn and practice more.

3. There's amazing Skype Spanish tutors online

Skype Spanish lessons with PERU Spanish

Not everyone that sells themselves as Spanish tutors online are necessarily experienced in teaching Spanish. Many times, it’s individuals who are looking for additional income streams, which is great.

However, it’s not great to be learning Spanish from someone who doesn’t know how to teach it. The good thing is that there’s many amazing Skype Spanish tutors online without you having to do a lot of vetting. 

Many Spanish schools abroad also offer online lessons and these schools are in the business of teaching Spanish. In fact, the online Spanish courses on LangAway are from established Spanish schools abroad, and the same teachers that work at the schools give the online lessons. 

The benefit of this is that these teachers have years of experience teaching online and in person. They know their Spanish and they know how to teach you Spanish in the best way possible. 

They follow methodologies and have a structure around their lessons. You’ll get to practice conversation, learn grammar, and writing. It won’t be a random conversation, or a supposed study plan that always changes. 

You can be sure that teachers from Spanish schools abroad are focused on helping you learn. And the great benefit is that you can always go take lessons with them in person!

4. You work around your schedule

When you take online Spanish lessons via Skype, you can work around your schedule. If you finish work right at 5 PM, you can just turn to Skype for your lessons without having to go anywhere. 

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just hard to be moving around for in person lessons every week. Having a Skype Spanish teacher is more convenient, and that’s one reason people do it. The quality of the instruction is still amazing, and you save time commuting. 

5. You can later travel for a Spanish course abroad

Visit markets and take Spanish lessons in Latin America

I teased this before, but one of the great benefits of hiring a Skype Spanish tutor from a Spanish school abroad, is that later you can travel to the school to learn Spanish and explore a new country.

All the Spanish schools on LangAway offer in-person Spanish courses that are the perfect addition to your Spanish journey. You can start learning via Skype today and later take a trip to Latin America and immerse yourself in Spanish!

When you go abroad to another country, you are forced to practice the language. Even two weeks in a Spanish school abroad will do wonders to your Spanish progress.

The amazing thing about LangAway is you can do that with the same teacher you took Skype lessons with. How amazing is that?!

So start learning Spanish today! All you need is a reputable teacher, and your willingness to learn.

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