Is Speaking Spanish Attractive?

Eugenio González

by Eugenio González

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71% of Americans believes speaking more than one language is attractive. In the UK, 64% believed speaking two or more languages made someone more attractive, according to a survey of 3,000 English-speakers.

Clearly, speaking Spanish or any second language is attractive to a lot of people. Why, though?

There’s multiple reasons why someone may find you attractive for speaking Spanish. Here’s four of them, but of course there’s many more!

Reason 1: Speaking Spanish makes you interesting

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Being interesting is attractive, and speaking Spanish makes you an interesting person.

While Spanish is widely spoken, if you didn’t grow up speaking it, it’s not likely you’ll learn Spanish. But if you did learn, then it sparks curiosity in others and an interest in you.

Someone may want to know more about you, where you’ve traveled abroad, and why you decided to learn Spanish. It's like a gateway into learning more about what makes you, you!

Reason 2: Speaking Spanish is attractive because it shows you’re curious about other cultures

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Being interested in the world around you and wanting to learn is attractive. Speaking Spanish is attractive for those who also seek to learn, explore, and widen their perspective.

Think about it, speaking Spanish isn’t just a skill, it’s a window to another culture and by learning it, you get exposed to it. You gain a different perspective on the world, arts, and cultures.

It’s attractive to find someone that enjoys experiencing the world around them in new ways.

Reason 3: Speaking Spanish shows you are smart

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Picking up a second language is no easy feat. It takes a lot of work and brain power. Intelligence is attractive, and you need to be smart to learn Spanish.

You don’t have to be Einstein, but it requires learning a whole new way to process the world around you.

Studies have actually shown that bilinguals perform better on problem solving skills. The theory is that the brain is a muscle, and as you learn a second language, you exercise it.

This actually makes sense. When you learn a new langauge you are trying to piece together what people are saying and give it meaning. Well, this makes you smarter and better at figuring things out.

Being able to do that is attractive. Who knew speaking Spanish could have so many attractive benefits?

Reason 4: Learning Spanish shows your dedication

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Many people find dedication attractive. It shows you are driven and go the extra mile. Speaking Spanish is attractive especially when you learn it later in life.

You have to work hard to learn a second language. You need to put in the time and effort to learn. It shows that when you decide to do something, you act on it. You make your dreams happen.

Yup, that definitely counts as attractive.

Other Reasons Why Speaking Spanish is Attractive

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These four reasons I think are the best reasons why speaking Spanish is attractive. It applies to other languages too. It just gives a glimpse to the person you are, maybe with some mystery added on.

Of course, there’s other reasons. Some people find Spanish attractive because of how it sounds, or the accent. It’s a much softer language and it can sound more poetic.

There’s also this idea of Latins as sexy and exotic and some people connect that to anyone speaking Spanish. I don’t agree with the stereotype, but some people see it that way.

Personally, the dedication, knowledge, and interest in the world is attractive. Speaking and learning Spanish packs that all in.

Do you want to learn Spanish?

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Just the fact you want to learn Spanish is attractive. And now it’s much easier than ever to learn Spanish. There are so many apps out there, content, and ways to learn that you really could start learning this second.

If you’re debating whether to learn Spanish or not, do it! I describe how Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers in this article.  

At LangAway we offer online Spanish lessons with Spanish teachers from around Latin America and Spain. Lessons start at $8 an hour (I know, it’s cheap!).

These teachers are amazing, they are all part of Spanish schools around the world and know what they’re doing (unlike the random Spanish tutor!).

Better yet, you can travel to any of the Spanish schools we partner with and do a Spanish course abroad.

Wouldn’t it be great to spend two weeks or a month in Spain or Mexico learning Spanish and immersing yourself in the culture?

You can do it! Check out our Spanish schools here.

Learning Spanish is attractive, and you are too: you’re curious and interested in the world. Nothing beats that!

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