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Corazón Cuba

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Course Length Options
1 to 4 weeks
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Dormitories, Homestay
Price Range
$345 to $420 USD per Week

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Located in the vibrant and historic Old Havana, Corazón Cuba has welcomed volunteers and Spanish learners since 2014. Take Spanish classes in Havana and immerse yourself in a city bursting with music, dance and culture. We offer a unique blend of learning Spanish, culture and dance so you experience everything that Cuba has to offer.


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January 2019

I have been there for 1 week but I wish I can stay more time! It was an amazing experience. I met people from everywhere and we had so much fun! Moreover, the place we stay is so well placed. The Spanish teacher I had was so nice. I can just advice you to go !!!! Enjoy :)


September 2019

I feel very lucky to have found a program which provides an authentic experience where get to know the real Cuba but is at the same time safe and allows you to meet great people. Famously Cuba is difficult with food but the food at the cubicle result was outstanding. Amazing accommodation in the heart of old Havana. Also, the Spanish teachers with quality for the first time and months to actually use my Spanish and communicate with the local people. It was also to wait to dance salsa of the local people! Kuba Corazon team was very helpful and fun. Vines was truly magical - One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen - We really enjoyed the crossroads, and bike rides and visits to local tobacco farms. I will be definitely coming back!


October 2019

Take it! Take another little piece of my heart now Cuba! (sung to the tune of Janice Joplin's 'Piece of My Heart). I honestly think I left a piece of my heart in the country. My stint there ignited in me a great love for Latin American culture - the sumptuous sights, sounds and energy of Havana's city streets are still throbbing in my veins. The local's gave us a royal, adventure and broad smiling faces never more than a few feet away. The teachers on the Spanish programme were incredible; they offered a window into the culture that I wouldn't be able to get through a guide book. They were friendly, accommodating and altogether encouraging in their teaching style. I learned lots!!! Not just about the language, but through the leaning, a whole different experience of Havana and broader Cuba. And I can dance a mean salsa now and haven't broken anyones toes since! ;P I can't wait to return xxx


October 2019

My review is from the perspective of a parent; ie., I didn’t participate in the program to Cuba, but my daughter did. As a parent of a teen, I was full of trepidation for my daughter going to Cuba, but the attention to detail and the staff were amazing! The teachers were incredibly patient and kind, which my daughter appreciated as she doesn’t Find learning languages easy. The companionship of the group (of other ttravelers) was key to her experience, but there was ALOT of heavy drinking, which did make my (tea-totaler) daughter feel very uncomfortable. Be warned that this was a nightly party for most of the travelers! That being said, she was still included (& accepted, despite being unwilling to participate in the drinking culture), and she really enjoyed the walking tours/cultural tours, and said the FOOD was amazing! She even loved the salsa lessons. I say “even” (loves the salsa lessons) because she can be a bit of an introvert, so was absolutely dreading the dancing. However, to her — and my— great surprise, she saide it was “the best fun!” The teacher made it so relaxed, and only emphasized enjoying the music & having fun. Finally, Tim P-P, the program coordinator was so wonderful. He never tired of my long list of (almost daily) questions on the lead up to the trip. He was so knowledgeable, friendly, and personable, yet his professionalism & knowledge of Cuba/adventure travel) is outstanding. I’ll end on this —- my daughter contracted a tropical Illness, and the staff were on it immediately, as was Tim, who communicated with me until we both felt all my questions were answered and that we both felt she was being well taken care of; she was! The staff could not have been more kind and concerned, and I had complete Confidence in the team, as did my daughter. I can’t recommend this program enough! Do NOT hesitate to sign up your daughter or son for this experience of a lifetime!


December 2019

Had a great time in Havana! Absolutely loved the city, loads of stuff to do. Lot of history. Staff is very nice and really want to take care of you and make sure you are safe. Spanish teachers are great too. I was the only one on advanced level so I had private classes all week. I really enjoyed the culture walks, very informative and nicely done. Because I already danced before I changed level and then had a higher level class with 2 other girls. Really nice that this was possible. Overall the program is very flexible and alters to your wishes.


January 2020

Everything was amazing! from the organization, the soon replies and info that I had before my trip, the accommodation, lovely people, food and salsa classes…


February 2020

I had a wonderful time. Everybody was friendly and helpful. I would definitely return. And I already have recommended this program to many of my friends.I loved the dance lessons and my Spanish teacher was wonderful. I learned so much! Havana is a wonderful city in that location was perfect. It was easy to walk to restaurants, walk to the bus station, and walk to night dances. The rooftop was a lovely place to hang out. It’s a great way to meet people from all over the world. The staff was helpful and well organized.


March 2020

I spent three weeks with Corazon Cuba in La Habana. Having learnt Spanish only while travelling in Latin America I still made a lot of mistakes. After three weeks I felt much more confident in the use of the language. I am now really able to have a deeper conversation in Spanish and I make considerably fewer mistakes. The teaching was varied, professional and linked to life in Cuba. We watched and discussed movies, read poems and short stories and got an in-depth comprehension of Spanish grammar. The housing was simple, clean and well kept, food was delicious. Meeting people from all over the world was great fun. I met interesting people and made friends. Dancing lessons were great, my teacher had a lot of patience with me. Thank you very much, I shall come back!


March 2020

I couldn’t have asked for a better week! From the beginning, the organization of the program and the contact with Tim was excellent; everything went flawlessly. Every single staff member in Havana were Amazing; very warm, friendly and helpful - I was made to feel at home and supported. I opted for a private room and was very happy with the accommodation in all aspects (cleanliness, comfort, location, safety). My spanish teacher was better than I expected, and I really appreciated being put in an appropriate level with only one other student in my class. The dance classes were a dream, I couldn’t get enough! I loved that everything I needed was walking distance and I always felt safe no matter the time of day or night. All in all, I have zero complaints, and would absolutely recommend this program. I can’t wait to return for another amazing experience!

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