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Spanish Immersion School - Oaxaca

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spanish immersion school
Course Length Options
1 to 24 weeks
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Group Size
Housing Options
Dormitories, Homestay
Price Range
$225 to $600 USD per week

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We're the friendliest Spanish school in Oaxaca. Focused on one-on-one classes, each lesson is uniquely tailored to you. We'll focus on improving your Spanish while exploring Oaxaca and immersing yourself in this beautiful city. Take your lassons in parks, cafes, in our campus, or wherever you're staying! You can also visit our campus in Puerto Escondido and continue learning there while enjoying the beach. Given our highly tailored program, do book with enough time in advance so we can design the right program for you.


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Kristin F.

February 2020

I can’t recommend Spanish Immersion School enough. The experience they provide is beyond excellent! The community of teachers they have on staff is incredible. Though I only worked with two of their teachers, I had the privilege of listening in on some of the other lessons going on and the quality of teaching that was happening was amazing! Combined with the fact that this is one on one instruction, you are getting an incredible value for the tuition you pay. Coming in I’d like to think that I had a pretty high level of skill in Spanish, but I feel like I learned a semester’s worth of understanding in several areas of grammar in only a week. And to have the opportunity to learn while taking in the sights, the sounds, and the tastes of Oaxaca and its unique culture at the same time is an experience that you don’t want to miss! If you want to improve your Spanish (regardless of where you are on your journey) and experience another beautiful culture, you definitely must consider Spanish Immersion School for meeting your needs!

April B.

February 2020

I only had a few hours per day for 3 days to take lessons, but Lazaro and the teacher, Leida, accommodated my needs perfectly. Lazaro answered emails promptly and clearly. Leida was superb. She was patient, extremely knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. She speaks English very well also, which made my learning of Spanish all the easier. She listened well, and offered corrections gently and confidently when I spoke. She managed to mix teaching a chunk of grammar along with carrying on basic conversation and vocabulary development with me during each lesson. I highly recommend Spanish Immersion School.

Sophie D.

February 2020

Lacey C.

February 2020

Spanish Immersion School has been fantastic for improving my Spanish. The 1:1 structure with incredibly patient and sweet instructors like Marta is invaluable. Lazaro was a fantastic communicator throughout the registration process and once i arrived in Oaxaca. My homestay was the perfect arrangement and handled seamlessly by Lazaro. I can not recommend Spanish Immersion School enough.

Alice B.

February 2020

My experience was so fine I’m plotting a way to return in the spring. I attended for 3 weeks of instruction in November 2019. This was constructed as FIVE HOURS A DAY with 2 classes each day with one in the morning for two and a half hours and the afternoon for same amount of time. Instructors are educated to teach Spanish within an international model. All classes were coordinated between instructors. The individualized classes met my specific needs spot on! In addition, the school offers opportunities to meet the other students and it’s a great way to meet new friends from various countries. Tours to the culture rich areas outside of Oaxaca City are offered. It’s all great fun! Lazaro went out of his way to meet all of my individual needs.

Malerie P.

February 2020

I highly recommend this school for your Spanish-learning needs. I came for just a few short days in this school to take advantage of some free days on my vacation to Oaxaca, and Lazaro was very accommodating in meeting my needs with my schedule. Both of my teachers, Jacob and Estefania, were beyond great. I enjoyed my classes with them, and felt I left with an improved ability to speak and understand Spanish. They were very skilled, experienced and overall enjoyable teachers. Moreover, they went above and beyond to make me feel welcome in Oaxaca. Thanks ya'll for such a great experience!

Kike D.

February 2021

June W.

February 2019

So happy that I chose Oaxaca City and Spanish Immersion Immersion for my latest Spanish Immersion trip. I researched many options before making my choice and very definitely the effort paid off. All of my classes were private and yet this was one of the cheapest options I considered. I've studied Spanish for years but never really broken through the "intermediate" category. Until now. Now I'm an advanced student who can carry on a conversation in Spanish for a few hours even though I still have a fair ways to go to perfection. While their private classes were perfect for my situation, I think this would also be a great way for a beginner to start learning Spanish. The teachers I had were highly educated professionals who also had the ability to draw me into conversation. The grammar lessons were seamlessly woven into the conversations - the focus was on getting you to speak and then perfecting that speech. My homestay added to the experience although for sure I knew I wasn't staying at a 5 star hotel! I was comfortable and it did give me a chance to meet other students and practice my Spanish. This school has my highest recommendation - as much as I worry that soon my teachers will be too busy to spend time with me.

Marriner M.

February 2019

Had such a great experience here in August 2018. Having a 1 on 1 teacher helping with my Spanish was so much more effective than the traditional classroom setting. I was able to fix some critical grammar errors I was using and also expanded my vocabulary. Lazaro the director was outstanding and professional and was there to assist with everything to do my visit. They really try to make it a great learning experience and culturally informative at the same time. My teachers worked my butt off and would not let me be lazy during our time together which is what I needed. I could never go back to the traditional classroom after this.

Emily S.

February 2019

Amazing place to visit and learn Spanish. My finance and I stayed at Martha's sister (Lupita)'s house and loved being able to practice our Spanish with her in the morning. The way this school works with the 'immersion' part taking you out into the city to walk around and talk Spanish, or in my case visit different cafes to learn the real basics of speaking Spanish is awesome. Super welcoming school with fantastic teachers. Highly recommend and can't wait to return.

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