Spanish Lessons in Puerto Escondido

Spanish Immersion School - Puerto Escondido

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spanish immersion school puerto escondido
Course Length Options
1 to 24 weeks
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Group Size
Housing Options
Dormitories, Homestay
Price Range
$225 to $600 USD per week

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We're the friendliest Spanish school in Oaxaca and our Puerto Escondido campus just opened up! Located just a few blocks from the beach, you can learn Spanish here while enjoying the outdoors. All our lessons are one-on-one and we'll focus on improving your Spanish while exploring Oaxacan culture! You can also visit our campus in Oaxaca City and continue learning there to explore all it has to offer. Given our highly tailored program, do book with enough time in advance so we can design the right program for you.


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